Jun 202011

Our 116th 4th of July BBQ is almost upon us! Time to sweep out the winter cobwebs and get tidied up for the big event!

Alba neighbors are encouraged to join us at 4pm Saturday June 25 to help sweep, rake, and otherwise tidy up the schoolhouse and grounds. Bring a broom or rake!

Special focus this year will be on excavating the picnic tables from years of accumulated forest “duff” (leaf debris). The duff is so thick that the bench seats are nearly at “ground’ level. We’re hoping that the application of a few garden rakes and shovels will remove the duff and restore the picnic tables to their proper comfortable seating height.  Many hands make short work!

This cleanup day starts at 4pm and transitions into our traditional end-of-the-month neighborhood potluck supper at 7pm.

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